Munich (DE) – 8-/1 November 2021 – “Europe, Heritage, Start up!”


ECHOES transnational start-up event in Munich
9-10th November 2021

On the 9th and 10th of November, delegates of the ECHOES project partners met in Munich on the occasion of an event organized and hosted by the German partner ITALCAM. The event was attended by 22 representatives and young people from almost all the countries of the 18 partner organizations (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia, France, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Latvia). During the event, the young people from the eight participating countries presented the start-up ideas they developed beforehand and were divided into groups to work on the three best ideas.

On the first day, they were supported in these activities by the coach Toni Schöller who explained to them what is essential for a business plan and how best to implement their projects. The different groups were able to combine end evolve their ideas. During the second day, they developed them further to more concrete start-up concepts that they successfully presented at the end of the event to the whole group. Furthermore, the exchange of the respective strengths in a multicultural environment was also a great opportunity to make new connections.

You can check the AGENDA here Info Pack Munich - FINAL



Munich (DE) – 8-/1 November 2021 – “Europe, Heritage, Start up!”
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